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Contractor for Foundation Repair Services

Foundation Crack Repair

Ignore now and face a calamity later!

No matter the size of the crack, it should not be ignored because it can damage the structural integrity of your home and cause basement flooding and leakages. Pour Concrete, the well-liked licensed foundation repair contractor of Greater Toronto Area, has several years of experience in handling the repairs of foundation cracks caused by:

  • Drying shrinkage
  • Thermal movement
  • Earthquake
  • General settling of the house
  • Poor concrete mix
  • Irregular moisture around foundation
  • Bad drainage system
  • Hydrostatic pressure, etc.

Pour Concrete – GTA’s Best Contractor for House Foundation Repair Services

Pour Concrete is a licensed general contractor who has repaired foundation cracks of several homes and commercial properties in Greater Toronto Area. We not only cover cracks with hydraulic cement and sealants but we also provide long-lasting results through:

  • Concrete Rebar staples

When rebar concrete Countersunk Staples are applied across the face of the concrete crack, the load is distributed away from the glue line to the portion of the substrate that is not cracked. This prevents fatigue and re-cracking of the injection glue line. Read more

  • Polyurethane Injections

The material expands several times its volume and so, it is ideal for thermal movements and provides greater flexibility. Read more

  • Epoxy Injections

If you face the problem of cracks in a dry surface, epoxy injections can work well for you. It provides structural strength and makes the concrete sturdy. Read more

Why choose Pour Concrete as your Foundation Repair Contractor?

If you notice cracks in your walls or floor, you need to call the experts who will make your home as good as new. Our expert foundation repair team will provide the following services:

  • Investigate the cracks and scrutinize the condition of the foundation
  • Make recommendations and provide solution to the problem
  • Provide a detailed quote for the repair
  • Provide guarantee for the work

Pour Concrete is the perfect company for repairing the foundation cracks of your property. Our professionals will leave no stone unturned in providing you a sturdy foundation.

Do not wait anymore because a small crack can cause catastrophic damage to your house. Get in touch with GTA’s popular foundation repair contractor by calling on 647-368-6206 or inquire online to free your home from foundation cracks.

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