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Foundation Crack Repair with Epoxy Injection

Repairing concrete cracks is not a DIY job. It requires the knowledge and experience of a skilled foundation repair contractor. If you are looking for someone to take care of cracked concrete structure, contact Pour Concrete. The contractor provides effective solution to cracks in residential homes and commercial properties of Greater Toronto Area.

Epoxy is the Perfect Choice for strengthening the Structural Integrity of Concrete

There are many cracks that damage the structural strength of a concrete structure. If Pour Concrete finds such a crack in your home, we use epoxy to fill it. Epoxy is a great material for injecting the cracks because it has high tensile strength and incredible bonding strength. Also, its compressive strength is greater than concrete which makes it perfect for structural repair.

As epoxy cures slowly, it flows into the smallest crevices and takes care of the crack completely.

Pour Concrete is a Specialist Concrete Contractor for Epoxy Crack Injection

Pour Concrete provides you with excellent results and long-lasting crack repair solutions. We believe in extensive preparation and total perfection. So, we follow the below mentioned procedure:

  • Set up an appointment to inspect the concrete structure
  • Analyze the cracks
  • Clean the cracks
  • Install injection ports
  • Inject epoxy
  • Clean the concrete surface after removal of injection ports.

Foundation cracks can be of different widths. It is for this reason that we use high quality epoxies with a range of viscosity to take care of each and every structural crack in your home or office.

Trust Pour Concrete for efficient foundation crack repair services in Toronto. To get in touch with the experienced contractor, call on 647-368-6206 or submit your requirements online.

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